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Can't view private section?
Sun Mar 22, 2009 11:56 pm by RaZieLRaH
As the usergroup is manually updated, please post in this topic to get added if an admin has not done so already.

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Guild Rules
Sun Mar 22, 2009 12:19 pm by RaZieLRaH

Arrow Spend time leveling your main characters. It's cool to have alts, but make sure you are spending time making your main strong for the guild.

Arrow Newbs are people too. Let's be nice to them because somewhere along the way someone was nice to you when you were a newb.

Arrow Get to know your guildmates. Farm with us, dp with us, and when at all possible give guild members preference in your dps.

Arrow No excessive swearing and no racism.

Arrow Don't abuse your guildmates and don't give them a hard time.

Arrow No random pk-ing. Defend yourself, defend others, kill those with whom we are at war, but don't pk the unsuspecting just for giggles. The rest of us have to live with your decisions.
This does not apply to Horizon Bridge, or to Rednamed people.


Arrow No abuse or racism.

Arrow Allow everyone to have a say on Vent.

Arrow Vent is only for alliance members; please do not share vent info with non-alliance members without permission.

Feel free to reply to these rules anytime you want with comments or suggestions.

Thank you
The Guild Leader

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Welcome to the Destiny forums!
Fri Mar 20, 2009 11:37 am by Admin
Please sign-up using your In-game names.
Please inform us if you can't view the private section.

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PKing and Harassment Rules
Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:37 am by Anonymous
Here is some clarification on PKing, and Harassment rules from the Rappelz forum.

PKing Harassment Clarification
    Hi folks,

    The GMs discussed PK harassment yesterday, and we think that the current rules are sufficient, though we are making a couple of changes to ensure that the rules are enforced more consistently.

    The specific PK harassment rules are:
    -Stalking a player to kill him repeatedly is considered harassment.
    -Killing a player while he is warping into a dungeon and unable to defend himself is considered harassment.

    Stalking a Player:
    There is not a "kill threshold" after which killing a player again would qualify you for harassment. Number of deaths in a span of time is a consideration, but so is intent and result. If it is clear that you are killing a player repeatedly with the intent of ruining his play experience then you will be punished. If we cannot prove that you were intentionally doing this but the PKs resulted in a situation where the player was unable to continue playing, you will be punished.

    Important Notes:
    "Kill On Sight" lists are allowed. If someone kills you every time they see you but makes no special effort to stalk you then it is not considered harassment. This includes guild-wide KOS lists.

    If a player "claims" a spot and does not allow you to play in that spot, we will not interfere unless there is no equivalent area for your level. The exception is if a player tries to claim it on a long-term basis. Defending a farming area for a few hours is fine. If you pick the Laksy blue pixie field as your guild's "turf" permanently then you will be reprimanded.

    If you "camp" an owned low level dungeon and kill everyone who enters for an extended period of time it is considered harassment against the owning guild. If for some reason you want to cut off access to your own guild's dungeon then we won't interfere unless there are circumstances which prevent access to the other copy of the dungeon as well.

    Preventing players from experiencing game content appropriate to their level (e.g. killing all players who approach Gray Bridge) is not allowed.

    If a player doesn't stalk you or repeatedly PK you but does PK you as part of an on-going harassment pattern, you should still report that player for harassment. Many players seem to think that PK harassment is the only type of harassment there is, but we enforce far more penalties due to chat harassment than PK harassment. Make sure you take screenshots of any harassing dialogue and send them to us. We will punish players for any harassment that is reported to us, but you need to report it.

    Pulling monsters to another player or group with the intent to cause the monsters to attack that group is called "training" and is considered harassment. Crowd controlling a group's healer or otherwise compromising a group's ability to fight monsters specifically so that they are killed by monsters and …

[ Full reading ]
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voice coms
Thu Jun 25, 2009 2:51 pm by Pebbles
(Edit by ChibiBobo: We're no longer using Mumble; now we're using vent server exclusively.)

voice com's info this linky

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