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 Formula Wan

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PostSubject: Formula Wan   Fri Jan 08, 2010 12:24 am

i found this game and dunno, i think is very funny, its flash based so u dont need to download anything ^^ also it doesnt requieres unholy ammounts of dedicated time for play ^^

the idea is create ur own racing team, contract drivers, mechanics, buy cars upgrades and win races ^^ to me is fun when i win and yell: "hahahaha fck u slowpokes!!!" =P so if any of u wants to check it out, here i leave the link ^^

im in the Spanish Site:

P.D.: to start contract a mechanic, later u can contract other personal, but starting with some1 to fix ur car after each race is essential ^^ also u can create more than 1 racing team, the game only will ask the name of the team u want to create, select a pass and done!, it wont ask email ^^

some screenshots ^^

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Formula Wan
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