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 Anyone playin Aika ?

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PostSubject: Anyone playin Aika ?   Tue May 24, 2011 3:01 pm

Hi, nice to see this place still alive.

Well, I survived College, Did the final Quest and changed my class to Mechatronics-kinda-guy, i can do a -critical hit- when doing tech stuff Razz

Although, It has been 7 tech years in all-boys environment. I look in the mirror and cant understand what the hell... Even though im physically fit (marathon of 10km, can do) Ive realised that i lack wish to be social ( I do not understand how the i-human works or why the ethic/cultural level of human beings around me, feels so displeasing ), clubs nay, wet-tent-rockmusic-fuckfestivals nay, my own birthday nay, I just like to work...I work, and then i have my 4h free time and then I sleep.
My gaming buddies i keep contact everyday has dropped down to a count of 3 and decresing.

Otherwise Im feeling quite grand, Im planning to spend another 4y in tech Uni combining it with full time job, hell yes, I wish to burn to ashes bom ( the Ignus way - Planescape reference )

Even though my subconscios says that F2P is just a neverending cycle of increased difficulty and level ranges to increase the income for the game makers, but what the hell, If I have a chance to be in a party with Lightrayne or Yvain, Belle, Bez, Chibi, the flying chicken guy...or well any of you nice ppl, then i dont care whoever makes a profit.

whats the status of your journeys my dear i-hunams ?!
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Anyone playin Aika ?
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