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 PKing and Harassment Rules

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PostSubject: PKing and Harassment Rules   Tue Aug 18, 2009 5:37 am

Here is some clarification on PKing, and Harassment rules from the Rappelz forum.

PKing Harassment Clarification
    Hi folks,

    The GMs discussed PK harassment yesterday, and we think that the current rules are sufficient, though we are making a couple of changes to ensure that the rules are enforced more consistently.

    The specific PK harassment rules are:
    -Stalking a player to kill him repeatedly is considered harassment.
    -Killing a player while he is warping into a dungeon and unable to defend himself is considered harassment.

    Stalking a Player:
    There is not a "kill threshold" after which killing a player again would qualify you for harassment. Number of deaths in a span of time is a consideration, but so is intent and result. If it is clear that you are killing a player repeatedly with the intent of ruining his play experience then you will be punished. If we cannot prove that you were intentionally doing this but the PKs resulted in a situation where the player was unable to continue playing, you will be punished.

    Important Notes:
    "Kill On Sight" lists are allowed. If someone kills you every time they see you but makes no special effort to stalk you then it is not considered harassment. This includes guild-wide KOS lists.

    If a player "claims" a spot and does not allow you to play in that spot, we will not interfere unless there is no equivalent area for your level. The exception is if a player tries to claim it on a long-term basis. Defending a farming area for a few hours is fine. If you pick the Laksy blue pixie field as your guild's "turf" permanently then you will be reprimanded.

    If you "camp" an owned low level dungeon and kill everyone who enters for an extended period of time it is considered harassment against the owning guild. If for some reason you want to cut off access to your own guild's dungeon then we won't interfere unless there are circumstances which prevent access to the other copy of the dungeon as well.

    Preventing players from experiencing game content appropriate to their level (e.g. killing all players who approach Gray Bridge) is not allowed.

    If a player doesn't stalk you or repeatedly PK you but does PK you as part of an on-going harassment pattern, you should still report that player for harassment. Many players seem to think that PK harassment is the only type of harassment there is, but we enforce far more penalties due to chat harassment than PK harassment. Make sure you take screenshots of any harassing dialogue and send them to us. We will punish players for any harassment that is reported to us, but you need to report it.

    Pulling monsters to another player or group with the intent to cause the monsters to attack that group is called "training" and is considered harassment. Crowd controlling a group's healer or otherwise compromising a group's ability to fight monsters specifically so that they are killed by monsters and lose XP from death is also considered harassment. If either of these occurrences happen to you, make sure you take screenshots of the act in progress so that we can prove that the incident occurred.

    Keep in mind that frequently the punishment for a first-time offense is either a warning or a temporary ban. If your harasser harasses you again, you need to report it to us again so that we can take further action. If you are harassed and do not report it to us then we cannot help you.

    Portal PKing
    PK in dungeon entrances is not against the rules. This may have been against the rules at some point in the past, but has not been enforced as long as I've been with the company. PKing while a player is defenseless is against the rules and will be punished with a temporary ban for the first offense and a permanent ban for a second. The only place we can't enforce this is the non-entrance portals inside Palmir Plateau.

    Also note that any PK with the purpose or result of preventing players from participating in a dungeon siege is strictly prohibited.

    Reporting PK Harassment
    Send all harassment reports to Include the word "harassment" or similar in your subject line for faster response time. Include screenshots of you dead showing your killers if possible. If chat harassment occurred as well, make sure you include screenshots of that too. State clearly in your email the player(s) who killed you if you know who it is. Include any prior history with your harassers.

    Please remember that false reports can result in a ban, so do not report players frivolously.

Rappelz PvP Rules
    1. Introduction
    Player versus Player (PvP) interactions make up a large portion of what Rappelz is about. No matter what server you play on, this will be one of the most gratifying & challenging aspects you will participate in.

    2. How PvP Works:
    Below are the PvP game physics that govern both PvE & PvP servers.

    General PK System

    1. To Fight: PK mode must be on to attack players.
    2. Self-Defense: If someone attacks you, you can attack them back even if your PK mode is off.
    3. Red Names: Players who have red names can be attacked by anyone, even when their PK mode is off.
    4. Safe Areas: Town areas prohibit any PKing within them.

    Immorality System

    1. IP: Immorality Points accumulate every time you PKon.
    2. Criminal Acts: Killing someone who is PKoff, or more than 10 levels below you, will grant a large amount of IP.
    3. Red Names: Players with red names have a lot of IP.
    4. Repentance: You lose IP by killing monsters your level or higher, by dying, or by donating items to alters that are found in towns.

    Normal PvE Server

    1. Death: You do not lose experience or items if PK'd.
    2. Wrath: Gaining more & more IP gives you increasing levels of Wrath, which reduces your defense, attack power, & move speed.

    Hardcore PvP Server

    1. Death: You may lose experience & items if PK'd. Having PK mode on, or lots of IP, will increase the chances of these happening.
    2. Criminal Acts: Items will not drop if the PKer is over 10 levels above the victim.
    3. Cash Shop: Items from the 'Premium' tab in the Cash Shop will never drop.
    4. Lak Guard : Your lak is automatically consumed when you're PK'd to reduce exp loss and chance to drop items.
    1. Your experience loss can be reduced by up to 100% and your item drop rate reduced by up to 50%.
    2. Lak consumed is based on your level, IP, & the level difference between you and your killer.
    3. Your killer gains 75% of the Lak.
    4. If you die to a monster, all of the Lak from the Lak Guard disappears.

    3. Portal Player Killing
    We do not condone the killing of players near dungeon entrances. Even more so, we will not tolerate players who take advantage of these areas to kill others as they warp into, or out of, a dungeon.

    1. Offenders
    1. Don't let accidents happen. Turn PKoff when near a dungeon entrance. We will not excuse players who 'accidentally' killed someone.
    2. Victims
    1. Don't lie. If you were not PK'd while loading at a dungeon entrance, don't try to get the player in trouble by claiming you did. We will know & you could be punished for e-mailing us a false report.
    2. All portals inside Palmir Dungeon are fair game, except for the entrance portal. We will not punish players for PKing others near the 33 other portals.

    4. PvP Harassment
    We do not condone the act of constantly PKing someone, or a specific group, without any verifiable & legitimate reason, to the point that they are just about unable to play without being PK'd.

    1. Offender
    1. Taking screen shots of why you've decided to repeatedly PK someone might save you from punishment.
    2. Victim
    1. We will only act in extreme cases. Wasting Cash Shop Items due to a PKer is not extreme.
    2. If you know a PKer is around, you need to try avoiding them. If they continuously hunt you down, no matter where in the world you can go to escape them, you may want to report them.

Customer Service FAQ & Info - See PKing and Harassment bits.
    ii. Harassment

    It is against the ToS for anyone to harass others, whether it is in-game or on the forums. No one should be allowed to interfere with other's ability to enjoy the game.
    If you feel you have been harassed, please email Customer Service. Please make sure you include unedited screenshots of the incident. Please do try to include screenshots of the entire conversation/incident if possible and give as much detail as possible.

    iii. Player Killing

    Player Killing (PK) is part of the game. GMs will not interfere when players are PK'ed.


    Portal Player Killing
    We do not condone the killing of players near dungeon entrances. Even more so, we will not tolerate players who take advantage of these areas to kill others as they warp into, or out of, a dungeon.

    PvP Harassment
    We do not condone the act of constantly PKing someone, or a specific group, without any verifiable & legitimate reason, to the point that they are just about unable to play without being PK'd.

    Exclamation Please read the Rappelz PvP Rules for more information. Exclamation
    While PK'ing is part of the game, harassment is not acceptable behaviour.

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PostSubject: Re: PKing and Harassment Rules   Tue Aug 18, 2009 3:03 pm

Stop being mean Light!
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PostSubject: Re: PKing and Harassment Rules   Tue Aug 18, 2009 7:21 pm

Wow.. how did this get on the front page? Or did you do that Light? O.O

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PostSubject: Re: PKing and Harassment Rules   

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PKing and Harassment Rules
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